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Hello, I am Jay-r, or Targrod in the virtual world, or Keanu Reeves according to my imaginary friend, Seekeenabudobongbong (ha ha ha).

I think I am back. I think.

But please don’t expect me to update this online journal daily as I am working for the CIA. And don’t tell anyone ha, it’s our big secret.

Siriusly though, after I got married last March, and my last update for this website was way back in April (and yes, I know you can easily search or see it but in this day and age, every little thing must be dumb down to all yo netizens), I actually had a child coming out of my vajayjay (yes, I did say the V word) last June. And also became busy with theater sports or improv comedy.

Believe it or not, we had gigs in Boni High Street, last July and August. I will talk more about this in the future, probably.

Now, the real reason on why I am back is something of social importance. I just can’t keep it anymore. No, it’s not the PDAF scam, Napoles shizznit, break-up of Claudine and Raymart, break-up of Sunshine and Buboy, break-up of Billy and Nikki, reinvention of Whoops Kirri, Miley Cyrus and twerking, N’SYNC’s brief appearance at the VMA 2013, nor Derek and Christine’s romance. It is something deep in my gut.

The Ateneo – La Salle rivalry.

What the flying Fuck? Really?

But it’s true. You have to accept the fact, that people were actually watching, and fully aware of, this match-up ever since cars were smashed in the sixties. As my mom would always say that you dare not don the ADMU or DLSU sticker on you vehicle or you’d be spending your way home in a vehicle that looks worse than a kuliglig. Ever since the two universities transferred to the UAAP, news about the two started to dwindle. La Salle was really successful in the nineties, especially at the latter part of the decade (and this writer was mostly present in those games). Everything changed when Studio 23 acquired the TV rights of the league, it went mainstream. And it was hella evident when ADMU and DLSU had their matches in the Final Four / Finals. Everyone wanted to grab a piece of cake. Tickets were scarce back then. And these fucking scalpers, well, they are all a bunch of fuck-farts.

Now, if you’re a Lasallian or an Atenean, you are fully aware of what usually happens in an ADMU – DLSU game. Tradition states that you can say ugly things to the other school as long as it is the scope of the basketball game. You can also hurl insults in the form of the school’s alumni or the academic perception that that school produces unintelligent individuals. Tasteless and crass actions are allowed too; like using a rubber chicken as part of the school cheer during half-time or unnecessary use of a bonfire during a victory party. And of course, personalities, in and out of the basketball court, are allowed to show their antics too. Cardona, Gonzales, Webb, or Villanueva – both sides had their fare share of creating memories for the two schools. Much more, of course, to the fans who create picture perfect-sque images, worthy of memes.

Seriously, we thrive for those innuendos. It makes the matches lovable and livable. People say that these supposed smart and intelligent alumni of these schools are worse than the most unintelligent voters of this country but I would say it otherwise. It is the passion and the fire burning of our love for our precious alma maters. It also provides us the biggest nostalgia that there came a time when we had to consider hooliganism to enjoy a basketball game. Come on, we’ve actually seen worse, but shit like this is easily highlighted, and easily enjoyed by everyone. Just because it’s fun to watch two fighting “cono’s”.

So, I find it really amusing that it was the fault of the La Salle crowd when Bo Perasol wrecked havoc during and after the basketball game. This guy came from U.P. The extreme passion of both schools are clearly evident but it’s definitely controlled. Gloating is always part of an ADMU – DLSU game. Egos are splashing and you can always check history and both sides have done it already. They insult one another to the highest level.

I won’t say that Perasol was right or wrong with his actions. I am just saying that these two schools are really like this during these matches. It might take a miracle (or probably as simple as a president’s death) for them to change and have a squeaky-clean experience. And that’s why familiarity helps in a situation.

Welcome to our world, Coach Bo.

And at the end of the day (or in this case, a UAAP season), Atenean and Lasallian office-mates would go out for a drink and enjoy life as if nothing shitty happened. Waiting for the next year to arm up and ready their balls to a new UAAP season.

(also, correct me if I am wrong, baka may atenean or lasallian blood itong si Perasol. i am oh so lazy to search google. so, sue me.)


~ by targrod on September 1, 2013.

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