:: ’tis gloomy month ::

You know the sad realization wherein you play zombie-enduced Facebook games; and the moment your chocolate happy level go low in your system, you will finally stop with the said shit. Then, you would want to just go back in time and create a new paradox hoping you could reuse all the wasted bandwidth and time.

But could you actually blame people in finding catharsis in the Internet?

I think it is time to look for good video games. The ones where there is closure.

I did tell myself a few months ago that I would pursue with The Longest Journey, as I have installed it in my computer already. Much more, when I constantly see my arrrr copy of NBA 2K13. Nag-2K14 na, hindi ko pa rin siya nalalaro.

I suppose it is perfect to start with video games or any other hobbies in particular just because I am not feeling good lately. I think my body is giving up plus work has become a barren wasteland. It used to be my second home. A majority of people who I like left already. I cannot really say that I do not know how to fit in new groups as I have actually have a new family, yes Switch that is you. I guess the environment in the office is really changing. Or I am just getting old for my peers.

Switching back to kebs mode is all I have now.

Maybe I just need some hug. Great ol’ Scrooge is singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with me, and I need to turn it around. Pronto.


I miss writing. I seriously do. I need to bring back the glory of this online journal.



~ by targrod on December 10, 2013.

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