:: the unfixable Globe ::

I remember when I had my first, and probably the real and only, spat with Globe. It was the week after we, my wife and I, were held up inside a public utility vehicle. To make it as simple as shit; these goons took our phones and I had to inform Globe that I need to cancel the subscription (first) and then re-applied the same number.

It happened to me twice before and it used to have the simplest process ever. You just have to go to the nearest Globe Hub and bring a letter on what had happened and they’ll do the rest. And usually, after two to three days, you’re connected cellular-ly. With that kind of confidence, you know that the future wouldn’t give you that much trouble as it is already, and supposedly, part of their system.

So, imagine my distrust and distaste, after acquiring the new sim with the same number, it took them almost seven to ten days to reconnect me back to their system. I had to go back to the Globe Hub in The Podium to verify. And obviously, they sweet talked me into it. That everything would be absolutely fine after a day or two. And all those shitty promises that they’ve mastered through the years. To make matters worse, a super-typhoon came and waist-deep flood waved hell-o in our area. Oh goody. I had to use my mom’s Smart number just to inform every one of our dilemma.

And that is why with the recent “issue” about Globe, I won’t be surprised if it gets worse, year after year. You’d definitely feel the love lost between this multimillion industry and its subscribers.

I got this link reply in FB, about Globe’s so-called “we are not doing these on purpose” shit. Oh, I did not ask permission from the poster but I still assume that once you publicize your thoughts, it is as good for public consumption:

From Cherry Uy-Gotamco:

Forgive me for being too sensitive, but napipikon ako and i’m really affected by those who are too quick to come to conclusions that Globe is “unethical” and is doing this on purpose. And no, this is not an authorized post from my employer. It’s just the rantings of an individual who has been working VERY hard around this huge problem brought about by our system upgrade. And one who has been trying to be a superwoman helping her friends one at a time address their numerous billing issues, even though that’s not really my job. Sa totoo lang, nakakapagod.

But first, exorbitant data roaming charges, have nothing really to do with the system upgrade. (I’ll come to that later.) these are the charges being billed by our international telco partners. Subscriber forgets to turn off data roaming, International telco bills us, so we in turn bill the subscribers. But obviously, when it’s exorbitantly high – whether it’s 60,000 or 3million pesos, it CAN be negotiated. As long as the internet was not used knowingly or on purpose. Obviously, no one can afford to pay 3m!!! And obviously, we would have adjusted it because we’d rather keep our subscribers with us than let him be an unwilling delinquent – even though it means losses for us because we still have to pay the intl telco partner he connected to abroad. And NOT because the subscriber did a press release on it.

About the other billing issues, yes, we recently did a system upgrade and admittedly since then, everything seems to have gone wrong. Yes, we owe our subscribers a huge apology for such bad experience. But i just think it’s unfair that people are assuming we as a company are doing this on purpose. Especially because employees like me are working our @$$es off fixing problems left and right because of the upgrade.

I’m not one to count favors, but to all my friends whom i’ve helped iron out a billing issue in one way or another – and trust me, there have been A LOT, i just hope you help explain our situation as best you can rather than join in on the rants.

One thing I noticed that she failed to mention, as far as I can remember Postpaid numbers have this thing called Credit Limit. Simply put, it is simply flagged every time your Globe moolerz go over the supposed limit. Hey, correct me if I am wrong though.

As a programmer, things like these are easy to process. You probably just need five or ten lines of programmer data and voila, everything is supposedly fixed. Much more with the endless problems that Globe is experiencing. Things like signal problems are much easier to understand because hardware upgrades costs more; though please don’t PR things like you guys upgraded your stuff in our area. Just because SSS or Still Same Shit.

But seriously, messed up billing details? This is the second time I heard this type of problem. A friend was also billed six-digits in her account. Yes, you can always go to the nearest Globe Hub and fix this shit but wouldn’t it be easier if these things DID NOT happen at all?

Much more that the lady employee above is telling everyone that she had helped lots of people already, how about those people who have no connection with Globe? Think about it.

It sucks that even our so-called NTC can’t control the situation. If Globe has been penalized, things like these would be closer to nil.


~ by targrod on December 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “:: the unfixable Globe ::”

  1. kaya masipag sila magtatawag for their promos of pre-approved postpaid plans na kailangan lang ang verbal na “yes” over the phone. every month tumatawag. augh.

    lipat na kasi! 😛

    • sarap barahin! hahahahahaha.

      para na silang family first o kaya mga CC companies na makukulit.

      ang hirap lumipat, since 1995 / 1996 pa kasi yung number. nostalgia kuno. haha!

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