:: Top11: Hey Baby ::

Please indulge my current “hobby”. No, it’s not about writing. It’s this thing called Parenting. (I am keeping it short this time. sarreh.)

Oh, I salute all the parents out there who do real parenting.

And with that, this idea instantly entered my mind, last night, when I wanted to eat Dunkin Donuts’ Quezo Duo (no idea why I wrote this). I know DD is closed already. So, I proceeded with the writing instead.

11 Things. You’d Truly Develop If You Become A Parent.

1. Anti-Somnambulism – Especially if you’re too scared to get help from the baby care business. 3 to 4 hours sleep daily, baby.

2. Incoherent Clown cum Trying Hard Stand-up Comedian – You’d probably try everything just to make your baby happy, or at least de-stress him / her from her sudden bursts of sadness.

3. Secretary of the Scariest Boss in the Universe – Just because you have to multitask a lot of things. This one is actually connected with the next item…

4. Hopped Up on Steroids – Oh, you know. You must lift your baby using one arm while preparing her food.

5. Poso Negro Extractor – Baby poo is poo. If you enjoy the smell of baby poo, come and drop by our house, I’d give you bags worth of it.

6. Feelingerang Froglette – You have to assume a lot of things including the baby’s clothes, food, and what-not. Like if you didn’t bring the baby and you need to buy new clothes.

7. Sound Engineer – A baby has different types of crying. So, it’s up to you, the parent, to differentiate why he / she is crying. He / she is probably hungry, sleepy, or he / she doesn’t like your face. Hey, it happens.

8. Mountaineer – No, you cannot go out of the house without the baby’s food, clothes, extra clothes, extra-extra clothes, diaper, bib, extra money, baby bottles, sling, etc.

9. Your History Teacher – I suppose every time your history teacher talks; you’d get this wonderful feeling of dropping everything and the urge to visit the Sandman.

10. Hufflepuff Student (what? But ya can’t develop this!) – For people who value patience.

11. Mathematician skillshizznit – Math has absolute value. Absolute means unconditional. Unconditional is love. Bow.


~ by targrod on December 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “:: Top11: Hey Baby ::”

  1. HAHA! Naalala ko ang Kings of Inconvenience, baka naisulat nila ang kantang Mrs. Cold dahil sa isang baby episode! 🙂 Good luck, matatapos din yan 😉

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