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So, we (meaning #switchimprov) have been extra-engrossed with the training of ourselves in terms of being a good, or even better, improv group.

Yes, I have been busy as an improv actor lately. And I have missed a lot of improv stories to tell. But don’t worry, I plan to write more this year. Hoping to share as much love, joy, and passion to the art. It was and it is an ongoing beautiful experience. I never thought I could take part in something that is related to theater arts.

Now, lucky for us, one of our members took theater way back in high school and we actually managed, and finally, to use her experiences. One of which is to create a story in under two minutes, or was it a minute, time. There is one rule: you write everything on top of your head.

Since reading personal blogs is rarity nowadays, here are my stories:

1. Inspiration: Importance

– Importante ang malamig na yelo, kahit saan kayo pumunta. Pustahan, ano ang una’ng kinasasama ng loob ninyo oras na matikman ninyo ang maligamgam na tubig galing sa isang high-fallutin’ na resto? ‘di ba? Kailangan mo pang mag-request sa waiter minsan ng ice. Dahil ang ordinaryong tubig kahit saan mayroon. Level-up nga ito hindi ba. Don’t get me started with beer. Who the fuck drinks hot beer? Ang gago lang hindi ba.

(the story is bitin coz the person who wrote it came in late)

2. Inspiration: Mascot

– The mascot wanted a pear tree for his birthday party. But the mascot was terrified with the land realtors hoping they would have their hearts melted and to at least return all the land titles back to the mascot people.

The mascot started to cry his heart out. And with a chamba of a news team, they saw the mascot and the bigwigs. Mano-a-mano: mascot is crying and the bigwigs are laughing.

Media picked-up the scene. Within minutes, people started to pick-up what is happening. Nagkaroon na ng massive help to the mascot; tho the point na nag-change of heart na ang mga bigwig.

Hindi maintindihan ng mga tao on why the mascot is still crying. Mascot was crying happy tears na pala, and he was dying of cancer.

(pasensya na sa ugly grammar. words under pressure lang peg kasi)


~ by targrod on January 1, 2014.

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