:: dat water challenj ::

The ALS Bucket Challenge and why such is a not so appropriate activity to us Filipinos… and to the rest of the other third world countries too.

This may come as a very hater-ish post. I get it, but hear me out first.

You see, there are a lot of factors on why it’s really icky to do the ALS challenge here in our country. Of course, I am not going to say that the challenge is one of those Internet shizznit zooming by unsuspecting people attracted to the me generation. As of August 25, the ice bucket challenge has reached 79.7 million dollars. That is a big jump from the measly 2.5 million dollars they got from last year, from July 29 to August 5.

In short, it’s a freaking success!

People are informed of the Lou Gehrig disease; much more with money that can be used for research and probably the daily help to those who have the ALS.

I have to admit, I was kind of excited to expect a nomination from a friend or a colleague. It is somehow selfish. But come on, the gig is exciting. You get to pour a bucket of ice over your head and you get to donate. That’s two birds with one stone plus you get to do what the billionaires worldwide experienced and shown globally.

Shared experience with Oprah, Zuckerberg, and Misha Collins, yo!

And it happened, a friend nominated me to do it. I readied the ice and all. Then, I just slept, woke up, and opt out.

I didn’t announce it. Hoping people would just forget that I actually commented that I was planning to do it.

And it hit me; Is this challenge really feasible to us Filipinos?

Apart of course, that it is somehow useless in a tropical country. You are just cheating. There is no challenge in pouring ice-cold water under the scorching heat. Yes, you can do it at night and then, you’d remember that there is a looming El Nino next year.

Us Filipinos are a helpful bunch too. Remember Yolanda? Yep. Almost everyone lent a helping hand. WITHOUT ANY CHALLENGE(S). We just donated.

I’m also bringing up the needs of our country. We have lots of problems here already and yet we would donate our resources to a first world country. Yes, we would help them. Yes, ALS might hit our country too. But our country needs help too. Right? 10 dollars or even 100 dollars are no joke, guys.

How about we alleviate hunger and shelter in our country first before zooming in to other things?

I can also see people do this without the mention or the understanding on why it was created. If you are a friend and you did this already, I hope you just donate the moolerz locally. We have agencies and non-government organizations who are in need too.


~ by targrod on August 25, 2014.

3 Responses to “:: dat water challenj ::”

  1. Hindi ko talaga makalimutan iyong sinabon ako ng kaibigan ko dahil lang nag-post ako ng isang artikulo na anti-ALS. At talagang nag-post pa siya sa Facebook niya nagwawala sa mga tao na nag-post ng artikulo na iyon. Labo nila, men.

    • may nag-post pa nga sa fb feed ko na basag-trip daw ‘yung pagpuna sa mga gumagawa noon.

      hindi ba man lang nila nakikita na paglabas nila sa bahay, may makikita silang mga tao na gula-gulanit ang damit at namamalimos?

      • Siyempre ngayon ko lang nakita na may tugon ka pala sa tugon ko. Sabi nga ng propesor ko “naubos na ang yelo sa mundo dahil sa ice bucket challenge” tungkol naman sa climate change 🙂

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