:: Constant Change ::

As we go deeper into the year, we get to make Jose Mari Chan’s tongue bleed with joyful agony. I guess it is with the season where people are playing his Christmas standards. It has cemented its rights as part of the upcoming tradition and it has managed to rub elbows with the likes of the usual White Christmas and Silent Night.

Much more when I remember his song, Constant Change.

Yep, I have been cheating with this simple statement. Change should happen soon. I lost people in the process although I saw people who are still there; ready to go with me through the distance. And I should start with the change. The Improv Anito is probably angry by now. Why am I stuck with everything horizontal? I should go vertical. Vertical is the only way for good tidings, right conduct, and good moral habits. =)

I guess it is part of this so-called life and growing up. People may misconstrue the true you or even see you as a Sith Lord. I suppose it’s okay. To shake things up and you can’t really please everyone. It’s a known fact. It’s a universal agreement.

I have been here before and luckily, now, I can actually roll with it.

Take out the all pleasing personality but retain the corteousness. People changed because something happened and it doesn’t mean that they deserve hate. This is a new millenia and people should start meeting at the middle. It hurts, of course. I would be lying if everything is a-okay. But, as said, I know I can work it out on my own. Much more, with the goodness of the people around me. Take those things to amplify and heal what needs to be healed.

But do not forget. We love memory loss. We do. But we’ll all go Gondry and that’ll make me stupid.


~ by targrod on November 26, 2014.

One Response to “:: Constant Change ::”

  1. Remember remember that day in November. Everything will be A-Otay! 🙂

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