:: well, yeah ::

When life gives you lemons; well, yeah…

Maybe in this lifetime, I was not meant to exist. Maybe in this lifetime, I should have been a rag or a dust or a floormat or anything disgusting (don’t forget barf too!) to experience such ludicrous and excruciating unavoidable unnecessary things that would often make myself wonder with, “nananahimik naman ako dito. what is your problem?”

Maybe, and just maybe, I exhibit a bullseye over my forehead to take the fall, to take the hate, and to take everything else in between to achieve such.

Or maybe I am just an evil person and I am not fully aware about it. And this one is more acceptable as everything is easily justified. Just like any wrestling heel.

You invest friendship. You lose. You dare to be enigmatic. You lose. You even experience the hate first hand and you’d come up as the bad guy when you retaliate.

You’d love to fight back. But is there a point in all these.


~ by targrod on June 29, 2015.

2 Responses to “:: well, yeah ::”

  1. It’s their problem. Hrmph!

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