the little things.

2 years in and i am still infatuated with the fact that i have a beautiful wife and a cute daughter. i did not plan this. no one plans this shit. those lists that you create when you were young. those supposed bucket lists that are achievable only if you earn gold and doubloons. of course, there is a plan somewhere, sort of, when your foot is inside the circle. YES, THE CIRCLE. you know, the circle?

you fly with your guts. you pestle your emotions. you agree with what the world is telling you. and these sacred things are the bigger picture.

we are often enamored with the grand scheme. the wanderlust of life. the extremities of such. sometimes, we are leaving the supposedly useless things behind. we barge through all those tiny things around us. and boy, we are usually wrong.

eating dinner made by your wife, different sounds of laughter from your daughter, and simply walking from your house and walk a quarter of a kilometer to buy something while tagging your whole family with you is definitely the perfect memory.

everything is fast-paced nowadays. maybe it’s better to stop and look and smell. maybe, she’s cooking adobong paa ng manok.

~ by targrod on September 28, 2015.

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