Wishes, wishes, and more wishes.

I believe that it is not that bad to wish for the finer things in life. It doesn’t matter if they’re as awesome as The Beatles or just plain for others, special for you. So, I’m doing a beta version of my wishes in life. Beta meaning I will forever update this and I think it is easier for me to look back at it in this website.

I’m placing them in categories for an easier grasp of my reality, whatever it means.


– Meet Weezer.

– Star in a film.

– Attend San Diego Comic Con.

– Attend Fantastic Fest.


– Baler trip.

– Sagada trip.


– Watch 1000 films in a year.

– Hong Kong trip.

– Singapore trip.

– Palawan trip.

– Cebu trip.

– Davao trip.

– CDO trip.

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