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I would want to live in a country where the political system is highly respected and fully functional in all levels. I want honest and competent individuals in all the levels of the government especially those who are in the highest of the highest.

Pero, it really doesn’t work that way, hindi ba? I mean, we’re stuck with incredulous officials if the voting public picks any of the three T’s: Trapo, Ta-artits, or Terror.

Cainta has had experienced a lot of changes in its seat of power. Decades of faulty leadership that often makes me wonder if those who are in the seat of power are more than just the needed Barangay or Police clearances, that I truly need as per-requisites for an office application.

Reading wonderful write-ups and posts about Robredo made me realize that there is a possibility of a change every time the elections come. Someone pointed out in Twitter a few weeks ago, when habagat hit us, that whenever there is a natural disaster in our area, you’d see less of these so-called officials while the moment the election season comes, you’d see their faces all over, much like Madam Auring’s love-life when she wanted to tell everyone that she is still as sour as vinegar. Ergo, may asim pa.

Or how about another incredulous instance days after the habagat when a friend was constantly sending Twitter messages to this politician and he was only noticed when a celebrity retweeted the information. It was really funny, per se, but the thickness of the faces of the officials in our municipality is as strong as adamantium.

And when my dad got a calamity certificate from the mayor’s office, someone informed him that at least the treasury of Cainta amounts to 800 million pesos, from 200 million pesos. So, they claim. Last time I checked, that money is for the people and it is not something you just save, as it really feels that you own that money via Banco De Oro’s Kid-Bulilit Savings Account. That money is meant to be used for the beautifuckaction of Cainta.

Simply put, if you travel from Ortigas to Antipolo, you’d greatly notice the difference of the places that you’d pass by. Cainta looks dirty and rotten and a friend also informed me that the lighting is not as bright as what you would experience in the greater parts of Pasig or even Antipolo.

I am saying this because Robredo did it with Naga. Anyare Cainta?

~ by targrod on August 27, 2012.

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